seafood for the future

branding | UX design | app prototyping | content management


The Seafood for the Future Hub pilot project provides science-based information about sustainable seafood. The goal is to alleviate confusion among consumers, the general public, chefs, front of house staff, and retailers that stems from conflicting information and misinformation about seafood-related topics by collating the vast information from many sources with different perspectives into one, easy to navigate web-based app. It is designed to serve as an education and resource tool for front-of-house restaurant and retail staff, as well as to educate and inform the public, empowering them to make their own decisions about environmentally responsible seafood. 


DESIGNING FOR multiple audiences

This apps main goal is to educate front of house staff about sustainable seafood, sourcing and impact.  While developing the app and content for that purpose, it became clear there were other opportunities to integrate this experience into the Seafood for the Future program's other missions.  The design process then took a turn to make this app accessible to both front of house staff and people who are dedicated to sustainable food choices.  From this, the recipe section and cooking tips were integrated and the general flow of experience was adapted to facilitate easy and organized use.