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In conjunction with the Aquarium of the Pacific's sustainable seafood program, Seafood for the Future this exhibit's goal is to highlight the main issues surrounding food production, the sustainability of our practices and how they will impact the future of man and human growth.


Exhibit location

The exhibit is located in the stairway that leads directly to entrance of Cafe Scuba, the Aquarium's onsite cafeteria style restaurant.  This was strategic placement in order to get visitors to really think about what they are eating and how it impacts all the wonderful and special animals and creatures they have just seen throughout the Aquriaum.


Exhibit content

The exhibit description acts as a prompt to get viewers engaged at the base of the stairs, then walks them through a series of facts outlining our agricultural practices in the United States and promoting California as an example of sustainable food production.  The content for this exhibit was created in collaboration with Jerry Schubel and Kim Thompson, Aquarium of the Pacific.

exisitng space:


installed exhibit

Feeding 10 Billion is a permanent exhibit and was installed in May of 2018